Com - Storage for Windows 10


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The coma was created for small and medium-sized businesses. It is designed for companies that carry inventory management. The application also supports printing in text mode and graphics. It has a high potential to create virtually any statements relating to inventory management. An important feature of the program is automatic updates via the Internet. Summary of key capabilities to your application: * simple and transparent support for * recording of goods, services * customer records - gathers basic data customers * Registration sales, purchasing, internal documents, document storage * documents to allow the creation of a NC summary document on the basis of previously issued * control of assets and liabilities . * Cooperation with fiscal printers * Support for bar code readers from keyboard emulation * Support unlimited number of records storage warehouse * FIFO or LIFO method * unlimited number of user-defined document * dictionaries standard passwords to speed up data entry * User definable output * Generate reports in relation to business * Support using mouse or keyboard